Find and evaluate manufacturers around the world.

Stop working so hard to find reliable suppliers. Get rich, objective company information now.

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Find reliable suppliers in 190 countries and contact them. See what your competitors are buying and which suppliers they’re using.

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Find potential customers and contact decision-makers. Show up at the top of the search results when buyers are looking for your products.

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For Logistics

Find sales prospects with a wealth of international trade data. Easily generate reports on shipping lanes, competitors, and commodities.

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For Researchers

Law firms, investors, consultants, and the press use Panjiva to investigate companies, trade records, and global trade trends.

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Analytics: Make visualizations in seconds from trade data. Learn more.

Find and evaluate businesses, faster

10 million companies and 35 million products, just a few seconds away


Search for companies that buy or sell a product, or look up a company by name. Our patented approach to working with customs data returns the best search results so you can quickly get from 10 million companies down to a manageable list.


Decide if a supplier is right for you by browsing products provided by suppliers and discovered by Panjiva.

Qualify a shortlist

Create a qualified list of buyers or suppliers quickly by narrowing your search with 11 filters including location, certification, and contact information availability.


Save your search and receive automatic alerts every time we add a new company that meets your requirements. Panjiva adds new data and companies weekly.

All the information you need at a glance

Data from 30 sources combined into a single company profile

An example Panjiva Profile

Top customers & suppliers

Keep tabs on a competitor, or qualify a potential trading partner, by seeing who they’re doing business with.

Product photos

See exactly what a company makes, thanks to product photos gathered from the web and suppliers on our platform.


Access the emails or phone numbers on over 10 million companies.

Customs records

View detailed, line-by-line records of shipments (bills of lading) and export them to excel or csv. Amount of data per profile may vary

Powerful access to our underlying data

US Import, US Export, Latin American Import, Latin America Export Data
All in one place and ready to be analyzed

Sales leads & competitive insights

Whether you’re targeting buyers, suppliers, NVOCC’s, or carriers, Panjiva makes it easy to identify the best sales prospects, learn more about their business, and make contact. Also excellent for keeping track of competitors.

Trade lane reports

Build a report listing companies operating in your lanes. Trade lane reports are easy to create and you can have them automatically delivered to your inbox.

Commodity reports

See shipments of any commodity being imported or exported, identify who’s buying, selling, and moving the goods, and graph trends over time.

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Panjiva featured in

Zombies Outselling Vampires This Halloween And The Great Pumpkin Boom

“At any rate, I appear to be in the minority. Zombie merchandise is massively outselling vampire merchandise this year and has done so since 2012. According to shipment data from the authoritative information source on global trade, Panjiva, a different undead creature has separated from the pack this Halloween season to capture audiences across the countries: Zombies.”

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Visualize data in seconds with Panjiva Analytics

Today I’m thrilled to announce the launch of Panjiva Analytics, a new tool to create custom charts and graphs from Panjiva data. For the month of November, it’s available to anyone with a Panjiva subscription and works on all datasets except for Chinese Trade Data. If you don’t have a subscription, you can get a […]

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