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Zim, Amazon lead carrier, forwarder January growth

The growth in U.S. imports is declining as year over year numbers start to use the never-ending peak season of 2021 as their denominator. This can help explain why imports to the U.S. in January fell by 1.2% year over year – every comparison from now on will have to exceed last year’s records ... Read more →


Panjiva 2022 Outlook: At the tipping point

2022 is likely going to be an eventful year for trade, regardless of the outcome. One of the first indications of that direction may be the lunar new year holiday in Asia, traditionally when factories (and thus exports) slow down. In 2022, this may give carriers, ports, and other logistics par... Read more →


Samsung, LG could get a break in Los Angeles traffic

The Biden Administration announced a deal with the Port of Los Angeles and labor unions to expand operations in the port to 24/7. This will likely boost capacity of the port to handle incoming shipments, but could also expose other points of congestion in the supply chain like warehouse space ... Read more →


September shows slower growth; holiday trends emerge

Imports to the U.S. in September grew by 5.1% year over year, or 17.4% when compared to 2019. The month continues the streak of exceptional import activity, now compared to the surge of late last year rather than the early year downturn. China was the top source of import growth, increasing by... Read more →

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