JBS, WH Group lead phase 1 farm export surge — Panjiva


JBS, WH Group lead phase 1 farm export surge

Ags - Grains/Beans 284 Ags - Meat/Dairy 248 China 2918 Consumer Staples 740 Trade Deals 982 U.S. 5260

U.S. agricultural sales to China have surged as a result of the phase 1 trade deal between the two countries. Total export sales of soybeans signed year-to-date at Sept. 10 reached 24.9 million tons compared to 10.0 million tons at the same time in 2017 – the baseline for the trade deal. That’s still below the 30.8 million tons of physical exports in 2017 in total so the proof of the pudding will only come as exports peak in October. Sales of pork have also surged with 510,400 tons of sales agreed year-to-date being equivalent to 9.2x the 2017 physical export level. The surge in exports ...

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